Mount Baldy Super Circle – Greer, Arizona

West Baldy Trail #96 – East Baldy Trail #95 and Hybrid Trail

This is presumably the most beautiful trail framework in the White Mountains. I ordinarily climb the zone twelve times each year. I appreciate beginning along the stream and transcending the valleys to be welcomed by 100 mile mountain sees. The natural life is fabulous and for 9 months out of the year the trail heads are open.

Headings: There are various approaches to get to the trail heads. From Eagar, AZ take US260 west to the Huge Lake side road (Province Street 261), pursue until you meet with Area Street 273 (Woodland Street 113) turn right (west), past the Booking Lake side road, you will initially go toward the East Baldy #95 trail head, proceed for under 3 miles and you will go to another extension known as Sheeps Intersection. This is the informal trail head for the West Baldy Trail #96, turn south and drive down close to the old scaffold to stop. In any case, on the off chance that you proceed with west another 1/4 mile, the official West Baldy Trail #96 trail head starts. From Greer, AZ take Northwoods Street to Area Street 273, turn left (east) and after two or three miles you will go to the new West Baldy #96 trail head just before Sheeps Intersection. From High, AZ take Backwoods Street 249 (William Valley Street) west toward Enormous Lake, you will converge with District Street 273 after the Huge Lake entrance, turn left (west) and travel to Sheeps Intersection or up the slope 1/4 mile to the real West Baldy #96 trail head – ths trail head has crude rest room offices, no water.

On the off chance that you are going to climb the 18 mile Mount Baldy Super Circle I firmly suggest that you start your climb at Sheeps Intersection. N3357.590′ and W10939.495′ – Rise 9185′. Access the trail head from Sheeps Intersection on the West Baldy Trail #96 or from the real West Baldy trail head only west of Sheeps Intersection. The thinking is that you will keep your feet dry until the very end of the climb. In any case, there is currently a simple scaffold over the West Fork of the Little CO Stream that can be used for the Hybrid Trail – two ponderosas split down the middle and staked into spot. From Sheeps Intersection just head south down the trail and you will go to an entryway. This door connotes the “old” West Baldy Trailhead parking area. Continue through the door and take a left hand turn on the trail. On the off chance that you take the trail to the correct you will be reclaimed to the real trail head for the West Baldy trail #96. After a quarter mile or so you will go to a sign that says Phelps Lodge 3.25 miles – this is the West Baldy Hybrid Trail and the Phelps Lodge was torn somewhere near the Woodland Administration years prior. Proceeding with south on the principle trail and you will be blessed to receive a wide-open valley with the West Fork of the Little Colorado Stream as your friend for a few miles. The trout angling used to be great, yet AZ Diversion and Fish harmed all the trout….apparently to make a living space for the local Apache Trout, yet there truly doesn’t appear to be any species alive – an extremely befuddling way to deal with natural life the board!!

Following an hour or so of energetic genuinely level climbing you will cross a little scaffold and start your rising of Mount Baldy toward the southeast. There is a pleasant rest region en route with a major shake and decent perspectives. The climb will slant significantly for a few miles as you arrange a progression of curves. This is the most strenuous climbing on the Super Circle. The trail is well worn and course finding shouldn’t be an issue. After one final U-turn bend you will “top out” at near 11,000′ rise. Now you are around 1.5 miles from the booking limit shaft. This segment of the trail is special since you are cruising along genuinely level at near 11,000′. The Booking Limit Post is in a little clearing and is the crossing point of the West Baldy Trail #96 and the East Baldy Trail #95. N3355.015′ and W 10933.965′ – 11,195′ height. In the event that you’ve made it this far you’ve recently climbed somewhat more than 2000′ in vertical height! You may pivot and head down the West Baldy Trail, however I prescribe proceeding with your climb on the East Baldy Trail #95.

The East Baldy Trail #95 is as I would see it the more grand of the two trails. It doesn’t have as high of use as the West Baldy Trail and offers awesome all encompassing perspectives. Other than that, from the Booking Limit Shaft you are not exactly a half mile from plane destruction that adds a touch of secret to your climb. The plane is anything but difficult to spot if the vegetation isn’t excessively substantial. You will go to a clearing with a ton of rockfall. This is a simple spot to recollect since you will put your feet in all respects cautiously to abstain from winding a lower leg on the sporadic rocks. On the most distant side of the rockfall look due south toward the mountain and you will see the wing and fuselage of a more established model plane. Your drop will take you over a little spanned spring and afterward a couple bends – you will at that point be moving along genuinely level trail. After a mile or so the trail will turn 90 degrees toward the east and before you will be a grand ignore. Take a couple of minutes to move to the highest point of the disregard and you will look for over a hundred miles toward the northwest toward Flagstaff and Mt. Humphreys, the Painted Desert toward the north even Escondido Mountain toward the upper east close Quemado, NM.

Grabbing the trail again you will slide a few curves and the trail will turn in a northerly heading. After a mile or so you will happen upon an open territory of smooth volcanic shake for 200 yards or something like that. This is an incredible spot to kick back and unwind. The perspectives are marvelous and the dim shake feels incredible on your uncovered feet – for the most part out of the breeze as well! On the off chance that you are not prepared for a rest yet, you are just a mile or so from the best cookout zone I’ve found in the White Mountains. N3355.535′ and W10931.175′ – height 10,170′. The zone is made out of pyroclastic volcanic shake and there are various hoodoos (unpredictable mainstays of stone – likewise my brilliant retriever’s name). This is an awesome goal with stunning perspectives and a lot of “butt-cans” to take a seat and unwind. When you plunge and curve through the hoodoos you will wind up in an intensely forested territory. The seepage for the East Fork of the Little Colorado Stream will be off to your right side (south). The trail will twist through the forested areas for a mile, at that point open up into the valley itself. After another short stretch of climbing along the waterway you will end up situated at the trailhead for the East Baldy Trail #95 and Galbadon Campground under 1/4 mile away toward the upper east.

The East Baldy Trail #95 has a fresh out of the plastic new parking garage and can be gotten to by any vehicle – N3355.800′ and W10929.500′ – height 9480′. I’ve been to this trailhead various occasions amid the winter a long time in a 4×4 – the streets are not kept up amid winter, so be cautious. As you go along the entryway to the trailhead the Hybrid Trail will be on your right side (west). The Hybrid Trail itself is an amazing day climbing goal too. The trail is a little more than 3 miles to Sheeps Traverse a few little “round-tops” and after that drops you down into a few lovely glades. These knolls are typically loaded with elk! Despite the fact that the Sheeps Intersection Trailhead is lower than the #95 trail head – the Hybrid Trail will give you a few heart siphoning tough trudges in the brew edge of your Super Circle Climb. The trail will in the long run wind down into a seepage for a couple of hundred feet before you touch base at the West Fork of the Little Colorado Stream. Once in a while there are stopgap log spans, yet they routinely wash away – there is right now one set up. Be that as it may, if no scaffold, your most logical option is to grasp an a branch and give it your best long bounce over the little brook – or simply jump in and swim over, typically the water is close to 18″ profound. Wet feet won’t demolish your day now since you’re not exactly a half mile from your unique trailhead at Sheeps Intersection and 1.3 miles from the real West Baldy #96 trail head.

The Mount Baldy Super Circle is normally a 6-8 hour hike…my best time is 5 hours truly hoofing it. Make sure to pack downpour coats amid the mid year months and dependably wear layered nylon external articles of clothing. A 30 degree swing in temperature is commonplace for the territory. To precisely pursue the UTMs given by GPS please alter your GPS to WGS84 datum.

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